Laguna Guanaroca


Laguna Guanaroca is a mangrove-rimmed saline lake southeast of Cienfuegos. It's second only to Las Salinas on the Península de Zapata as a bird magnet, and is Cienfuegos Province's only area protegida (natural protected area). Trails lead to a viewing platform where flamingos, pelicans and tocororos (trogons; Cuba's national bird) are regular visitors.

Plant life includes pear, lemon and avocado trees, as well as the güira, the fruit used to make maracas. Tours take around two hours and include a short hike and a boat trip to the far side of the lake. Arrive early to maximize your chances of seeing a variety of birds.

The reserve entrance is 12km from Cienfuegos, off the Rancho Luna road on the cut-through to Pepito Tey. A taxi there and back with a wait costs around CUC$15.

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