Centro de Interpretacion de la Ciudad


Cuba loves its maquetas (scale models), and Camagüey is no exception. This one offers a good overview of the twisting streets of the city.

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Nearby Camagüey attractions

1. Casa de Arte Jover

0.01 MILES

Camagüey is home to two of Cuba's most creative and prodigious contemporary painters, Joel Jover and his wife Ileana Sánchez. Their magnificent home in…

2. Parque Ignacio Agramonte

0.03 MILES

Camagüey's most dazzling square in the heart of the city invites relaxation with rings of marble benches and an equestrian statue (c 1950) of Camagüey's…

3. Casa de la Diversidad

0.06 MILES

Impossible to miss thanks to its eclectic facade (a mix of Moorish and neoclassical elements), this museum's best exhibit is the building itself. Four…

5. Casa Natal de Nicolás Guillén

0.09 MILES

This modest house gives visitors a small insight into Cuba's late national poet and his books. It doubles as the Instituto Superior de Arte, where local…

6. Casa Finlay

0.09 MILES

Dr Carlos J Finlay (1833–1915), Camagüey's other hero, made medical breakthroughs in discovering how mosquitoes transmit yellow fever. Calling this place …

7. Museo Casa Natal de Ignacio Agramonte

0.16 MILES

The birthplace of independence hero Ignacio Agramonte (1841–73), the cattle rancher who led the Camagüey area's revolt against Spain. The house – an…