Bicycle This excellent local bike-hire company is run by true cycling enthusiasts and has a range of city, hybrid and mountain bikes as well as children's cycles. There are good discounts for multiday hire, and panniers and other equipment are available for hire for those planning to hit the roads for a few days or more.

NextBike ( This bike-sharing system has several stations around the city centre. You can register at the station directly, via the website or with itsapp. The standard tourist rental tariff is 79KN per day.

Car & Motorcycle

Zagreb is a fairly easy city to navigate by car (main streets are wide, and parking in the city centre, although scarce, only costs 6KN per hour). Watch out for trams buzzing around.

A number of international car-hire companies, such as Hertz, are represented in Zagreb. Bear in mind that local companies usually have lower rates. Local car-rental company Oryx has branches at the airport and inside the Esplanade Hotel as well.

Hrvatski Autoklub provides the Croatia Traffic Info app (available in English, German and Italian) for up-to-date traffic and road conditions as well as roadside assistance in case of a breakdown.


Taxi Cammeo Typically the cheapest taxi firm. Waiting time is 40KN per hour.

Ekotaxi Waiting time is 43KN per hour.

Radio Taxi Radio Taxi ranks (usually at blue-marked taxi signs) can be found throughout the centre. Waiting time is 40KN per hour.

Zagreb also has Uber.


Zagreb's public transport ( is based on an efficient network of trams, although the city centre is compact enough to make them almost unnecessary except for going to and from the bus or train station. Tram maps are posted at most stations, making the system easy to navigate.


Although Zagreb has an excellent bus network linking the centre with the city's suburbs, travellers will find little use for it. One exception is bus line 106 which goes from Kaptol to Mirogoj.

Tickets & Passes

Buy single-use tickets at newspaper kiosks or from the driver for 4KN (for 30 minutes) or 10KN (90 minutes). You can use the same ticket when transferring trams or buses but only in one direction. Night tram single-use tickets are 15KN.

Make sure you validate your ticket when you get on the tram or bus by getting it time-stamped in the yellow ticket-validation box at the front of the vehicle – the other boxes only work for multi-use transport cards.