Dominis Palace

Rab Island

Built at the end of the 15th century for a prominent patrician family who taught the public to read and write here, this building is worth noting for its Renaissance windows and striking doorway decorated with the family coat of arms.

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1. Viewpoint

0.05 MILES

For a great view over Rab's rooftops, including all four bell towers, head to the northwesternmost corner of the old town and look for a small courtyard…

2. St John the Evangelist's Church

0.07 MILES

It's thought that parts of this atmospherically ruined Romanesque basilica date as far back as the 5th century. Today, amid assorted rubble, only a…

3. Holy Cross Church

0.07 MILES

This 13th-century church takes its present name from a crucifix upon which, in 1556, the image of Christ was said to have wept due to the immoral conduct…

4. St Justine's Church

0.13 MILES

This semiderelict church has a bell tower dating from 1672. It’s located beside pretty Trg Slobode, which has a holm oak tree and sea vistas. Below is an…

5. St Andrew's Monastery

0.19 MILES

Founded in 1018, this Benedictine monastery has Rab’s oldest bell tower (1181) and a still-functioning bell dating from 1396. Peer through the railings at…

6. St Mary's Campanile

0.21 MILES

Dating from the 12th century, this is Rab’s tallest bell tower and one of the most beautiful on the entire Croatian coast. The 26m edifice is topped with…

7. Komrčar Park

0.22 MILES

This 8.3-hectare park abuts the old town and stretches along the coast to the marina at Palit. It was originally used as a place to graze cattle but was…

8. Church of the Assumption

0.25 MILES

It hasn't been a cathedral since 1828, when the diocese was dissolved, but locals still refer to this, their grandest church, as the katedrala. Its…