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Krivica Beach

Top choice in Lošinj Island

If you only want to hit one beach, drive 5km to the turn-off for Krivica. It’s a 30-minute descent from the parking area to this idyllic, sheltered bay, which is ringed by pine trees. The water is emerald tinged and superb for swimming.

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1. Lošinj Marine Education Centre

1.39 MILES

A companion piece to the practical conservation work of Blue World, this enlightening attraction aims to educate locals and visitors about the marine…

2. Church of St Anthony the Hermit

1.44 MILES

Built in baroque style in 1774 and funded by local seafarers, this pretty pink church is elaborately decked out with marble altars, a rich collection of…

3. Tower Museum

1.44 MILES

This striking defence tower, in the maze of streets set back from the harbour, was built by the Venetians in 1455 to defend the town from pirates. It now…

4. Garden of Fine Scents


This fragrant paradise on the southern edge of town has more than 250 native plant varieties plus 100 exotic species, all framed with gromače (traditional…

5. Sea Turtle Rescue Centre

2.34 MILES

Small but extremely interesting, this centre is dedicated to rehabilitating injured sea turtles, most of which have been entangled in plastic or fishing…

6. Church of the Nativity

2.39 MILES

The parish church (built 1696–1775) towers over the town from the ridge. Inside are some notable artworks, including a painting of the Nativity by an 18th…

7. Fritzy Palace

2.59 MILES

The largest branch of the three-headed Lošinj Museum (the others are in Osor and Veli Lošinj), this grand mansion houses a trio of distinct collections: a…

8. Ilovik

3.85 MILES

Off the coast south of Veli Lošinj, Ilovik is a hilly island known for its profusion of flowers. Overgrown with oleanders, roses and eucalyptus trees, it…