This wooden replica watermill anchored on the Drava River (an EU-backed project, part of the Miller's Route that crosses through Hungary as well) makes for a lovely pit stop on the riverfront walk. It has a little cottage, used to demonstrate how the grain is ground. In the mid-19th century, Osijek had 60 watermills, the last one of which closed in 1944.

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1. Church of St Peter & Paul


This red-brick neo-Gothic church's 90m-high tower is surpassed in height only by the cathedral in Zagreb and dominates downtown Osijek. Built in the 1890s…

2. Cinema Urania

0.49 MILES

This old cinema, built in 1912, is one of Osijek's art nouveau gems.

3. Europska Avenija

0.54 MILES

If you're a fan of early-20th-century architecture, take a stroll down Europska Avenija, lined by ornate art nouveau mansions. Along this stretch you'll…

4. Museum of Fine Arts

0.59 MILES

Housed in an elegant neoclassical mansion, the Museum of Fine Arts contains a collection of paintings and sculptures by Slavonian artists from the 18th…

5. Zoo Osijek

0.89 MILES

As an escape from the museums and churches, take a free ride on the emblematic kompa (a wooden pedestrian ferry propelled by the water current) from the…

7. Holy Trinity Monument

1.12 MILES

This elaborate baroque pillar, erected in 1729, commemorates the victims of the 18th-century plague that swept the city.

8. Tvrđa

1.12 MILES

Built under Habsburg rule as a defence against Turkish attacks, Osijek's compact 18th-century citadel was relatively undamaged during the war in the 1990s…