Vučedol Culture Museum

© Miroslav Slafhauzer

Vučedol Culture Museum

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Located 5km downriver from Vukovar, this museum sits on one of Europe's most significant archaeological sites and provides an introduction to the most important ancient culture you're likely to have never heard of. The chalcolithic era Vučedol Culture created Europe's first calendar and brewed Europe's first beer. The state-of-the-art exhibits, featuring engrossing animations which re-create the settlement during its golden age, include graves found in situ, symbol-stamped ceramics, a Vučedol house replica and a room of cleverly curated skulls.

This riverside location was first inhabited by farmers in 6000 BC, while the Vučedol culture flourished here between 3000 BC and 2500 BC. All exhibits in the 19 rooms are well marked with bilingual boards, and guided tours (40KN per person) in English are available. After viewing the main museum you can stroll five minutes to the Megaron – a bunker-like building with skylights that houses skeletons in a sand pit, including a grave of a deer that was used on shamanic journeys. The Megaron's rooftop has lovely views out to the river and the leafy surroundings.

A taxi from central Vukovar should cost about 20KN; museum staff are happy to call a taxi for you, for pick-up, when you're finished.

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