Farm in Ðakovo

Ðakovo is famous for its Lipizzaner horses, a noble purebred with a lineage that can be traced back to the 16th century. These horses are trained in dressage here at Ergela for their eventual work as high-class carriage and riding horses. About 30 horses undergo daily training and visitors are welcome to visit the facilities. Thirty-minute guided tours are available for 30/20KN adult/child, as are short rides (150KN) in an old-fashioned carriage.

If you're really into horses, it will be worthwhile adding in a trip to Ivandor, their horse stud farm, 6km out of town where the foals and colts are kept before they're ready for training. There's around 150 Lipizzaner horses in the paddocks here. Guided tours of these facilities are also available.