Must-see attractions in Dubrovnik

  • High angle of Dubrovnik's old town and coastal region.

    City Walls & Forts


    No visit to Dubrovnik is complete without a walk around the spectacular city walls that encircle its historic core. They're among the finest in the world…

  • Arches of Gothic Renaissance Rector's Palace.

    Rector’s Palace


    Built in the late 15th century for the elected rector who governed Dubrovnik, this Gothic-Renaissance palace contains the rector’s office and private…

  • DUBROVNIK, CROATIA - MAY 26, 2014: Tourist looking at photos in the War photo limited gallery. There is 350m2 of exhibition space on two floors. ; Shutterstock ID 215780338; Your name (First / Last): Josh Vogel; GL account no.: 56530; Netsuite department name: Online Design; Full Product or Project name including edition: Digital Content/Sights

    War Photo Limited


    An immensely powerful experience, this gallery features compelling exhibitions curated by New Zealand photojournalist Wade Goddard, who worked in the…

  • Srđ


    From the top of this 412m-high hill, Dubrovnik's old town looks even more surreal than usual – like a scale model of itself or an illustration on a page…

  • Old town of Dubrovnik with Lokrum island on background with red roofs; Shutterstock ID 151850840; Your name (First / Last): Josh Vogel; Project no. or GL code: 56530; Network activity no. or Cost Centre: Online-Design; Product or Project: 65050/7529/Josh Vogel/ Destination Galleries



    Lush Lokrum is a beautiful, forested island full of holm oaks, black ash, pines and olive trees, only a 10-minute ferry ride from Dubrovnik's Old Harbour…

  • Belltower of Church of Franciscan Monastery.

    Franciscan Monastery & Museum


    Within this monastery's solid stone walls are a gorgeous mid-14th-century cloister, a historic pharmacy and a small museum with a collection of relics and…

  • Exterior of Gothic Renaissance Sponza Palace.

    Sponza Palace


    One of the few buildings in the old town to survive the 1667 earthquake, the Sponza Palace was built from 1516 to 1522 as a customs house, and it has…

  • Baroque domes of Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin and St Blaise's church.

    Cathedral of the Assumption


    Built on the site of a 7th-century basilica, Dubrovnik's original cathedral was enlarged in the 12th century, supposedly funded by a gift from England’s…

  • Gothic Renaissance Church with Dominican Monastery.

    Dominican Monastery & Museum


    This imposing structure is an architectural highlight, built in a transitional Gothic-Renaissance style and containing an impressive art collection…

  • Exterior of Pile Gate.

    Pile Gate


    The natural starting point to any visit to Dubrovnik is this imposing city gate, built in 1537. While crossing the drawbridge, imagine that this was once…

  • Fort Lawrence stands independent of the old town walls

    Fort Lawrence


    St Blaise gazes down from the walls of this large free-standing fortress, constructed atop a 37m-high promontory adjacent to the old town. Built to guard…

  • A view of the Onofrio fountain from the city walls

    Large Onofrio Fountain


    One of Dubrovnik’s most famous landmarks, this circular fountain was built in 1438 as part of a water-supply system that involved bringing water from a…

  • One of the Dubrovnik during the Homeland War museum displays

    Dubrovnik During the Homeland War


    Set inside the crumbling Napoleonic Fort Imperial (completed in 1812) near the cable-car terminus, this permanent exhibition is dedicated to the siege of…

  • Baroque St Ignatius Church.

    St Ignatius of Loyola Church


    Dramatically poised at the top of a broad flight of stairs, this Jesuit church was built in the baroque style between 1699 and 1725. Inside, magnificent…

  • Synagogue entrance.

    Synagogue & Jewish Museum


    With a religious practice that can be traced back to the 14th century, this is said to be the second-oldest still-functioning synagogue in Europe and the…

  • Overhead of Dome of Baroque St Blaise's Church.

    St Blaise’s Church


    Dedicated to the city's patron saint, this exceptionally beautiful church was built in 1715 in the ornate baroque style. The interior is notable for its…

  • The clocktower at Luža Square

    City Bell Tower


    Marking the eastern end of the old town’s main drag, this slender dome-capped tower has a large curvy clock face known as ‘the octopus’ and a two-tonne…

  • Orlando Column sits in the centre of Luža square

    Orlando Column


    Luža Sq once served as a marketplace, and this stone column – carved in 1417 and featuring the image of a medieval knight – used to be the spot where…

  • The front facade of the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art

    Museum of Modern Art


    Spread over three floors of a significant modernist building east of the old town, this excellent gallery showcases Croatian artists, particularly painter…

  • Love Stories Museum


    Providing a sunny Dalmatian counterpoint to Zagreb's popular Museum of Broken Relationships, this unusual museum aims to tug at the heart strings…

  • The entrance to Gornji Ugao Tower sits directly beneath Minčeta tower

    Upper Corner Tower


    Dubrovnik's newest museum showcases the remains of a medieval foundry unearthed from 2005 to 2008 in the space between this 1346 tower and Fort Minčeta…

  • The entrance to the Gallery sits next to exit to the harbour

    Dulčić Masle Pulitika Gallery


    This small offshoot of the city's main gallery unites three friends beyond the grave: local artists Ivo Dulčić, Antun Masle and Ɖuro Pulitika, who all…

  • Entrance to Pulitika Studio

    Pulitika Studio


    In a small, cavelike room in the Fort St John, the former studio of the painter Đuro Pulitika (1922–2006) looks like a moment paused in time, with his…

  • A stone bridge and a drawbridge lead to Ploče Gate

    Ploče Gate


    Less ornamented than the Pile Gate at the other side of town, Dubrovnik's eastern entrance is approached by a stone bridge followed by a wooden drawbridge…

  • The entrance to the museum sits on Ploče gate

    Archaeological Museum


    The museum presents two exhibitions, one on the archaeological research of Fort Revelin and its foundry, and the other on early medieval sculpture. Among…

  • View of the park from the entrance

    Gradac Park


    If the old town gets too busy or too hot, this little hidden park provides shady seclusion. There's rarely more than a handful of locals here, along with…

  • Gundulic square houses an open-air market

    Gundulićeva poljana


    The narrow street opposite the Rector’s Palace opens onto this square, where a bustling morning produce and craft market is held. The monument at its…

  • The church of Holy Saviour sits at the western entrance into the Old Town

    Holy Saviour Church


    Built between 1520 and 1528, this church was one of the few buildings to survive the earthquake of 1667. It’s open for occasional exhibitions and regular…

  • Church of Annunciation front facade

    Church of the Annunciation


    The old town's sole Serbian Orthodox church provides an interesting contrast to the numerous Catholic churches scattered about. Dating from 1877, it…

  • Maritime museum entrance in the fort of St. John

    Maritime Museum


    Inside the vaulted chambers of Fort St John, this well-presented museum traces the history of navigation in Dubrovnik with ship models, maritime objects…

  • Memorial Room of the Dubrovnik Defenders


    Just inside the entrance of the Sponza Palace, this room displays a heartbreaking collection of portraits of young people who perished between 1991 and…

  • Minčeta overlooks the entire town

    Fort Minčeta


    This round tower at the highest point of the city walls was originally built in 1319 as a square tower to protect the landward edge of the city from…

  • x-default

    Marin Držić statue


    Walking from Stradun to the Cathedral, you’re bound to pass by the bronze statue of the writer Marin Držić. Lovingly called Dubrovnik's Shakespeare, he is…

  • The cypress tree and Statue of St. Joseph's on the front facade

    St Joseph's Church


    Interrupting the continuum of souvenir shops on Od Puča, this small church is most easily spotted by the cypress tree growing out of the façade, sharing…

  • Dubrovnik Aquarium entrance



    Showcasing flora and fauna of the Adriatic Sea, Dubrovnik's aquarium might be modest in content and overpriced, but set in the cool stone vaults of Fort…

  • Fort St John guards the old town harbour

    Fort St John


    This massive battlement guards the entrance to Dubrovnik's Old Harbour. You can pose on cannons along its upper terrace during a city walls walk, but you…

  • Revelin fort overlooks the old town harbour

    Fort Revelin


    The largest of the old-town forts sits separately from the city walls, overlooking the Old Harbour and the eastern entrance to the old town. Housed inside…

  • x-default

    Dr Franjo Tuđman Bridge


    When it opened in 2002 this 518m-long lopsided cable-stayed bridge cut the drive west from Dubrovnik by 20 minutes. Park at the lot on the far side of the…

  • The front of the Marin Držić museum

    Marin Držić House


    Educational but not terribly interesting (unless you're a fan of 16th-century Croatian theatre), this small museum is devoted to Marin Držić (c 1508–67),…

  • The front entrance to the Natural History museum

    Natural History Museum


    Spread over four sparsely populated floors, this low-key museum has displays on invasive fish species, a very cool arrangement of seashells suspended in…

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