Dubrovnik Aquarium entrance



Showcasing flora and fauna of the Adriatic Sea, Dubrovnik's aquarium might be modest in content and overpriced, but set in the cool stone vaults of Fort St John’s ground floor, it makes for a lovely escape from the scorching heat and crowds, especially if you've got kids in tow. It's run by the University of Dubrovnik's Institute for Marine & Coastal Research, and serves as a rehabilitation centre for injured sea turtles.

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1. Maritime Museum

0.01 MILES

Inside the vaulted chambers of Fort St John, this well-presented museum traces the history of navigation in Dubrovnik with ship models, maritime objects…

2. Pulitika Studio

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In a small, cavelike room in the Fort St John, the former studio of the painter Đuro Pulitika (1922–2006) looks like a moment paused in time, with his…

3. Fort St John

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This massive battlement guards the entrance to Dubrovnik's Old Harbour. You can pose on cannons along its upper terrace during a city walls walk, but you…

4. Dulčić Masle Pulitika Gallery

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This small offshoot of the city's main gallery unites three friends beyond the grave: local artists Ivo Dulčić, Antun Masle and Ɖuro Pulitika, who all…

5. Rector’s Palace

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Built in the late 15th century for the elected rector who governed Dubrovnik, this Gothic-Renaissance palace contains the rector’s office and private…

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Built on the site of a 7th-century basilica, Dubrovnik's original cathedral was enlarged in the 12th century, supposedly funded by a gift from England’s…

7. Marin Držić statue

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Walking from Stradun to the Cathedral, you’re bound to pass by the bronze statue of the writer Marin Držić. Lovingly called Dubrovnik's Shakespeare, he is…

8. City Bell Tower


Marking the eastern end of the old town’s main drag, this slender dome-capped tower has a large curvy clock face known as ‘the octopus’ and a two-tonne…