Gothic Renaissance Church with Dominican Monastery.

Dominican Monastery & Museum


This imposing structure is an architectural highlight, built in a transitional Gothic-Renaissance style and containing an impressive art collection. Constructed around the same time as the city walls in the 14th century, the stark exterior resembles a fortress more than a religious complex. The interior contains a graceful 15th-century cloister constructed by local artisans after the designs of the Florentine architect Maso di Bartolomeo.

The large, single-naved church features some bright, modern stained glass and a painting by Vlaho Bukovac (St Dominic's Miracle, 1911) above one of the side altars. Other priceless pieces of art are hung in rooms off the cloister, including 15th- and 16th-century works by Lovro Dobričević and Nikola Božidarević, and an exquisite painting of St Blaise and St Mary Magdalene (c 1550) by Venetian luminary Titian.

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