Trg Frane Petrića

Cres Island

Right by the harbour, the main town square was the scene of public announcements, financial transactions and festivals under Venetian rule. It’s now the site of a morning fruit-and-vegetable market. Look for the graceful 16th-century gate, topped by a blue-faced clock and coats of arms.

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Nearby Cres Island attractions

1. St Mary of the Snow Church

0.02 MILES

Just inside the main harbour gate, this church is notable for its Renaissance portal with a relief of the Virgin and Child. A glassed-in foyer allows you…

2. Ruta

0.06 MILES

This local collective promotes the island’s cultural tradition of wool weaving and felting. Using the discarded wool of indigenous Cres sheep, the…

3. Cres Museum

0.08 MILES

Housed in the Arsan Renaissance palace just off the harbour front, this local museum is worth the modest entry fee for its 16th-century Venetian…

4. Valun Beach

4.42 MILES

Around the headland to the northwest of the village, you'll find a lovely pebble beach bordered by pines. It's much quieter than the beach just east of…

5. St Mark's Church

4.48 MILES

The parish church houses the village's main sight: the 11th-century Valun Tablet. Inscribed in both Glagolitic and Latin, this tombstone reflects the…

6. Lubenice Beach

6.65 MILES

One of Kvarner’s most remote and beautiful beaches, this secluded cove is accessed by following a steep path through the scrub. The 45-minute descent is a…

7. Cathedral of the Assumption

9.39 MILES

This imposing 12th-century Romanesque structure was built on the site of Roman baths and an early Christian basilica. Inside, note the rare early…

8. Kaštel

9.41 MILES

This crumbling seafront fortress guarded the old town from pirate attacks. Check out the inscribed Liburnian and Roman stones displayed in the courtyard…