Pura Vida Gardens & Waterfalls

Central Pacific Coast

Just before the village of Bijagual, this private botanical garden offers great vistas of Manantial de Agua Viva cascading down the side of a cliff, and there are some pleasant hiking trails where you might see nesting toucans, monkeys and other wildlife.

The onsite restaurant caters to the Adventure Dining (www.adventurediningcostarica.com) crowds. Dining is by reservation only, starting at 4:30pm, ready for sunset.

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1. Catarata Manantial de Agua Viva

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This 200m-high waterfall is claimed to be the highest in the country. From the entrance, it’s a steep 3km (45-minute) hike down into the valley (an hour…

2. Parque Nacional Carara

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8. Atenas Railway Museum

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