Montezuma Waterfalls

Top choice waterfall in Montezuma

A 40-minute river hike leads to a waterfall with a delicious swimming hole. Further along, a second set of falls offers a good 10m leap into deep water. Reach the 'diving platform' from the trail: do not try to scale the slippery rocks! Daring souls can test their Tarzan skills on the rope that swings over a third set. A lot of travelers enjoy these thrills but a few of them have died, so do it at your own risk.

To get to the parking area, head south from town and you'll see it just past Hotel La Cascada; once parked, take the trail to the right just after the bridge. You'll want proper hiking footwear. There are official rangers/guards (in official vests/hats) who work the trail and can offer the best advice, free of charge, on the safest routes to take, particularly during rainy season. Families with children or elderly members may want to enter via Sun Trails, which has easy access but charges US$4 parking.