Cascadas de Juan Curi

San Gil

Take a day trip to this spectacular 180m-high waterfall where you can swim in the natural pool at its base or relax on the rocks. Adventure junkies can rappel the sheer face of the falls; book this activity with one of the tour companies. Juan Curi is 22km from San Gil on the road to Charalá. Charalá buses (COP$6300, one hour) depart twice hourly from the local bus terminal.

Ask to be let off at 'Las Cascadas,' where two 20-minute trails lead up to the falls. Most travelers choose the cheaper (though slightly less beautiful) trail at Juan Curi Parque Ecologico, which is the first entry coming from San Gil. It's the only trail that allows access to higher sections of the falls; both paths give access to the swimming hole below.

If you like food, combine a trip here with a stop in Valle de San José for the famous chorizo cooked in guarapo (fermented sugarcane juice) at Piqueteadero Doña Eustaquia.

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