Parque El Gallineral

San Gil

San Gil's showpiece is the salubrious Parque El Gallineral, a 4-hectare park set on a triangular island between two arms of the Quebrada Curití and Río Fonce. Many of the 1900 trees are covered with long, silvery tendrils of moss called barbas de viejo (old man's beard), hanging from branches to form translucent curtains of foliage and filtered sunlight. It's like a scene set in JRR Tolkien's Middle Earth.

Several paths and covered bridges snake through the urban forest and over the rushing streams. Two large chlorinated pools have been constructed to replace the natural pool that was closed due to health issues. While the new pools are a bit at odds with the glorious natural surroundings, they're nevertheless good places to cool off. Otherwise, just come to sip a cerveza (beer) at one of the restaurants or cafes. Upon paying admission you'll be given a wristband permitting access throughout the day until last entry at 5pm.