Must-see attractions in San Gil

  • Cascadas de Juan Curi

    San Gil

    Take a day trip to this spectacular 180m-high waterfall where you can swim in the natural pool at its base or relax on the rocks. Adventure junkies can…

  • Cueva de la Vaca

    San Gil

    Located just outside the town of Curití, La Vaca is the most attractive and adventurous cave in the are,a with numerous caverns filled with stalagmites…

  • Parque El Gallineral

    San Gil

    San Gil's showpiece is the salubrious Parque El Gallineral, a 4-hectare park set on a triangular island between two arms of the Quebrada Curití and Río…

  • Parque La Libertad

    San Gil

    The tree-lined plaza of Parque La Libertad, also called Parque Principal, is San Gil's most visible landmark and the heart of its social life. The…

  • Catedral Santa Cruz

    San Gil

    A handsome 18th-century stone church, Catedral Santa Cruz is located on San Gil's main plaza.

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