Baochu Pagoda


Visiting this charming pagoda overlooking West Lake makes for a lovely walk in the hills north of the lake.

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2. Baopu Taoist Temple

0.15 MILES

In the forested hills above West Lake, reachable by a pleasant hike, is the striking tiled-roof, yellow-walled Baopu Taoist Temple. The temple’s first…

3. Big Buddha Temple

0.16 MILES

The remains of this historic temple on the western slope of Baoshi Hill north of West Lake only run to a weather-beaten and dilapidated vast stone head of…

4. Sunrise Terrace

0.34 MILES

Vantage point on Baoshi Hill with a pavilion. The balcony here is a mere 125m high, offering not-so-lofty-views of West Lake.

5. Baoshi Hill

0.45 MILES

Baoshi Hill is one of the loveliest places in Hangzhou to take a hike. Numerous well-kept paths wind through the forest, taking you up steep slopes and…

6. Ziyun Cave

0.59 MILES

A 100m deep cave located on the slopes of Baoshi Hill. There are three stone Buddha statues on the wall.

7. Zhejiang Provincial Museum

0.67 MILES

Connected to West Lake’s northern shores by the Bai Causeway is Gushan Island ( 孤山, Gū Shān), the lake’s largest island and the site of the modest…