Six Harmonies Pagoda


The 60m-high octagonal Six Harmonies Pagoda, dating from AD 1165 in its current form but first built in AD 960, is a stout pagoda that once served as a lighthouse, and was said to possess magical powers to halt the 6.5m-high tidal bore that thunders up Qiantang River. You can climb the tight stairs of the pagoda. Behind it stretches a charming walk through terraces dotted with sculptures, bells (¥10 buys you six chimes and a lucky bracelet), shrines and inscriptions.

A small exhibition hall on the grounds does a good job of explaining the significance of the few remaining painted tiles and carved brick panels of flowers, birds and fairies that remain in the pagoda itself (which has limited signage).

The pagoda is 3km southwest of West Lake, near an enormous rail and road bridge (钱塘江大桥, Qiántáng Jiāng Dàqiáo) spanning the Qiantang River.

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