Santa Temple


Before you go looking for Father Christmas at Santa Temple, neighbouring Xiantong Temple to the west of Taihuai, you should know the name actually means Three Pagodas Temple. The 'pagodas' here are actually three stupa. The complex was originally raised in the Ming dynasty by an eminent monk of Zen Buddhism. The most recent restoration took place in the 1980s.

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1. Guangzong Temple

0.23 MILES

This Ming dynasty temple has features of both Chinese and Tibetan Buddhism, from the monks' robes to their prayers. The main hall is known as Bronze Tile…

2. Yuanzhao Temple

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Yuanzhao Temple contains a 16m stupa surrounded by four smaller ones. It's believed to hold the ashes (舍利子, shèlìzi) of the Indian Buddhist monk Śāriputra…

3. Xiantong Temple

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Xiantong Temple – the largest temple in town – was erected in AD 68 and was the first Buddhist temple in the area. It comprises more than 100 halls and…

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