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$91.02 Cultural & Theme Tours

Private Day Tour of Qingdao City Highlights Including Lunch

You will be met in the lobby of your Qingdao hotel at 9am by your guide and travel to Xiaoyushan Park by private air-conditioned car. Qingdao was taken as German Concession in March 1899, at which time, it was a small and unimportant fishing town with a population of about 1,000 people. Although the German colonial period only lasted for 16 years until 1914, the German controlled area was left with a distinct mark on the architecture of Qingdao that can be seen in the historic city center today. Additionally, the love of beer by Germans led to the establishment of Germania Brewery in 1903, which later became Tsingtao Brewery, makers of China’s most popular beer.At Xiaoyushan Park, reach the hilltop to enjoy panoramic view of the city and some of the landmarks you will be visiting later today. From the park, travel to Badaguan Scenic Reserve located in the east of the city where, in the past, many foreigners came and built their houses with their heritage of architectural style. Strolling around the avenues you will find British, Japanese, Russian and Swiss style buildings.Leaving Badaguan, you will continue to visit Xiao Qingdao Park, also known as Little Qingdao Island; this is where the city got its name from. Here, you will see the botanical gardens and the 19 feet (15 meter) tall lighthouse built by the Germans in 1900. Lunch today will be arranged at a local Chinese restaurant. After lunch, take a walk along the Grand Pier, Zhan Qiao. The pier was originally 656 feet (200 meters) long and built in 1891 to enable the larger official vessels of Qing Dynasty to dock at this small fishing village. Later, the pier was renovated and extended to 1,312 feet (400 meters) in length, stretching out into Qingdao Bay. The pier has a Chinese-style pavilion at the southern end that contrasts with the European architecture of Zhongshan Road that leads onto it.From the Pier it is a short drive to the oldest part of the city on Zhejiang Road. Here, the buildings are of historic German architecture and at the top of the small hill, you will find St Michael’s Catholic Church. Your final visit of the day is to the World famous Tsingtao Brewery, built in 1903 for the large German population residing there. The brewery has many exhibits that show its history and how the beer was made over 100 years ago. You will also see the bottling plant and finish your brewery visit with a free tasting of the famous beer. From the brewery, you will be transferred back to your hotel where your tour ends.

$75 Day Trips & Excursions

Private Day Trip to Laoshan Mountain from Qingdao

Meet your guide at the lobby of your hotel in Qingdao city centre and be driven in your private vehicle for 1.5 hours to Laoshan Mountain, the highest coastal mountain in China. Located on the shore of the Yellow Sea, Laoshan Mountain is characterized by imposing canyons, undulating peaks and shrouding mists. Featured in many folk legends and festivals, Laoshan is also known as the birthplace of Taosim in China. Once in Laoshan, you will start a beautiful hike by the Bashui river up to Longtan Waterfall, which translates to Dragon Pond Waterfall in English. During the hike, and depending on the season, you will spot some green tea terraces, famous in China for their fine quality. You will also see the Yellow Sea in the distance from different perspectives, making this visit a unique landscape experience. After Longtan Waterfall, you can make a pleasant stop to have lunch. Food and drinks are not included so we recommend you to bring some sandwiches and enjoy a nice lunch surrounded by nature. Next you will visit the largest and oldest preserved temple in Laoshan, Taiqing Temple, which is more than 2,000 years old. It is the second most important Taoist Temple in China after the Baiyun Temple in Beijing. The Taoists from Laoshan Mountain were well known for their religious knowledge and legendary skills in Taichi. The Taiqing Temple complex has more than 150 rooms, including two courtyards named Martyr's Shrine and Shrine of Master of Scriptures, and inner temples like Sanguan, Sanqing and Sanhuang with their own gates and walls. While your guide explains the history of this complex, pay attention to the trees you will find on your way, some of them centenaries, like two old cypresses and a rare camellia. While descending the mountain, you will come across odd shaped stones, caves and imposing cliffs, as well as many clear springs. Your guide will also explain why this mountain is so important in Chinese culture, as it is said to be home to some “supernatural spirits” that has inspired poems and emperor’s stories over the course of history. Once the tour is finished, you will be driven for 1.5 hours back to your hotel in Qingdao city centre.

$180 Cultural & Theme Tours

Qingdao Old City Day Tour

Meet your friendly local driver/guide at your Qingdao hotel between 8 and 9am for the drive to Xiaoyushan Park. Climb to the top of Little Fish Hill – although it's barely 200 feet (60 meters) high, it offers spectacular views of Qingdao's old European quarter. Qingdao was under German rule from 1897 to 1922, with a substantial European population for decades after that. It's a heritage that's clear on your next stop, St. Michael's Cathedral, built in 1934 in a fusion of Gothic and Roman styles. It's another short hop to the next attraction, Zhan Bridge, which stretches out into the sea adorned with a gracious pavilion. First built in 1891, it's a landmark of the city that has seen much transformation over the years. From here, visit Little Qingdao Island, a pretty little gem topped off by a historic lighthouse, that offers lovely views across both sea and city.Break for an included lunch at a local restaurant, before driving out to the Badaguan scenic area. This is home to a wealth of colonial-era mansions in a range of architectural styles, as well as some of Qingdao's most attractive waterfront. No trip to Qingdao would be complete without trying the city's most famous export – Qingdao (Tsingtao) Beer! You'll spend an hour at the Tsingtao Beer Museum, in the old brewery, established in 1903 and still making beer even now. Discover the history of the beer, see modern production in action, and taste fresh beer. You'll be transferred back to your hotel around 6pm.

$441 Multi-day & Extended Tours

2-Day Qingdao Tour: Catedral de San Miguel, Laoshan Mountain and Qingdao Beer Museum

Day 1 [L, D]:Your local guide will pick you up at your hotel in Qingdao City and then drive to the first attraction the Xiaoyushan Park. Looking down from the top of the mountain, you can experience the picturesque scenery just as standing on the street of the European town. Next attraction is Catedral de San Miguel, the largest Gothic style building in Qingdao. Afterwards you can visit the symbolic spot of Qingdao Zhanqiao. Zhanqiao is located along the sea. It was built when the city was just found and has seen the hundred years changes of the city's history. Walking along the bridge is like walking through a time tunnel and you can feel the old time history in Qingdao City. Next you will proceed to the Small Qingdao Island after whom the city is named. From the island you can take a 360 degree view of amazing seaside scenery. Enjoy lunch at a local restaurant and followed by the most beautiful urban region Badaguan Scenic Resort, known as the exhibition of the world's architecture. There you can see the exotic style buildings and also wander on the amazing seaside as well. The last attraction for the day is Qingdao Beer Museum. Established in 1903, the museum has a hundred years history. Within one hour visit, you will learn more about the old time of the Qingdao Beer and the development of the history. The highlights of the day is for you to taste the most freshly brewed beer as an unforgettable memory of the day.Day 2 [L]:In the morning, your guide will take you to visit the famous Laoshan Mountain along the sea. You can feel picturesque scenery that rises from the sea and Taoist Culture. After enjoying a local lunch, you can go to visit the eastern new urban region in Qingdao and see the landmark of the new region, Wusi Square and Olympic Sailing Center. Get the feeling of the modern atmosphere in this modern city. When the tour ends, you will be transferred back to your hotel.

$525 Multi-day & Extended Tours

2-Day Qufu Historical Tour from Qingdao by High Speed Rail

Day 1 [L, D]:Make your way to High Speed Rail (HSR) Station in Qingdao and take the train from Qingdao to Qufu (about 3.5 hours). Upon arrival, enjoy a delicious lunch at a local restaurant and then visit the Kong Family Mansion, the former residence of Confucius and his descendants. The size of Kong Family Mansion is similar to a imperial palace and plays an important role in the history of architecture in the world. Next attraction is the Temple of Confucius. Since 1994 the Temple of Confucius has been part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site listed as "Temple and Cemetery of Confucius and the Kong Family Mansion in Qufu". Established in BC478, it was built as the former residence of Confucius. Stay overnight in Qufu.Day 2 [B, L]:After breakfast you can visit Confucius Cemetery. Located in the north of Qufu city, the cemetery covers more than 3000mu areas. It is the largest private cemetery in the world and its artificial garden which is best conserved as well. After the visit, you will be transferred to the HSR station and take the train back to Qingdao City. The tour ends at the HSR station in Qingda.

$54.85 Transfers & Ground Transport

Qingdao Private Arrival Transfer: Airport to Hotel

When your driver arrives at Qingdao Liuting Airport (TAO), he will first check your flight arrival time from the Arrival Flight Information Board, then wait at the exit from where you will come out.  He will hold your name sign and wait for you to show up eventually.  Then take you to hotel. Frequently Asked Questions:  Q:  How long will my driver wait for me?    A:  If your flight arrives in time, your driver will wait until you show up.   Q: Will my driver leave the airport if I do not show up?    A:  The passengers from the same flight will show up one by one.  Your driver will ask the airport staff if there is anyone still waiting in the luggage claim area.  Then he will telephone the local travel agent.  He will leave the airport only after receiving an approval from the travel agent.   Q:  When do I need to call after arrival?  A:  If you see all other people in the same flight have left the luggage claim area, but your luggage has not come.  Please telephone the local travel agent immediately, let them know that you have arrived and ask your driver to wait.  Q:  What should I do if I can not find my driver?  A:  Telephone the local travel agent.  The staff first will define your exact location.   Usually he/she will ask you to pass the phone to a Chinese person standing beside you.  This is the fastest way to find where you are.  Your driver will come to you.  No refund if you take a taxi. Q:  What happen if my flight is delayed?  A:  Additional charge will be asked to pay in cash to your driver.  Please telephone the local travel agent right after you know the flight is delayed.  And you are required to telephone again after boarding the plane.  Your driver is waiting for an order if he should wait for you or not.  It will be too late if you call after a late arrival.    Q:  What happen if my flight is cancelled?   A:  Please telephone the local travel agent.   It is polite to let your driver to leave. Q:  Will the driver telephone me from the airport?  A:  No.  Your driver does not speaking in English.  Q:  Do you go to my hotel?    A: This pickup price is for hotels in downtown Qingdao only. Downtown Qingdao includes 4 districts of Shinan, Shibei, Sifang and Licang. Other districts are named as Outskirts Qingdao. Hotels in Outskirts Qingdao will cost additional charge. Please check if your hotel is located in downtown Qingdao before you make a booking. If your hotel is in outskirts Qingdao, the additional cost will be advised by the local travel agent. - Plan A: If the local travel agent has receiving your reply of approval of this additional cost in time, booking will be confirmed. - Plan B: Booking will be cancelled automatically and refund will be arranged for not receiving your approval in 24 hours.