Xinyi Market

At this busy market with lanes flanked by mounds of local produce, the assortment of chilli peppers is astounding – all shapes, sizes and hotness levels: dried, ground, fried and fresh. Here vendors make manakish and Chinese buns from scratch, extract chilli oil with old-fashioned presses, and weigh spices. Fruit is good and cheap here.

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1. Jade Emperor Pavilion

0.29 MILES

This imposing structure was created as a bell and drum tower in the Ming dynasty; after it suffered damage in an earthquake during the Qing dynasty, it…

2. Yinchuan Drum Tower

0.39 MILES

The town's good-looking Drum Tower – any historic Chinese city with any self-worth should have one – presides over the confluence of Jiefang Lu and Gulou…

3. Nánxūn Mén

0.74 MILES

The sole surviving gate of the old town wall, Nánxūn Mén looks south out onto Nanmen Sq (南门广场, Nánmén Guǎngchǎng) from its position east of Nanxun Dongjie…

4. Ningxia Museum

0.82 MILES

This cavernous museum contains an extensive collection of rock art and Silk Road artefacts. The highlights are relics from the imperial tombs of the Xixia…

5. Chengtiansi Pagoda

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Climb the 11 storeys of steep, narrow stairs of this brick pagoda topped with a green spire for 360-degree views of Yinchuan. The octagonal pagoda is also…

6. Haibao Pagoda

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This fantastically well-preserved pagoda in the north of town is a beauty. Its cross-shaped (from above), straight-edged and tapering form was exquisitely…

7. Yinchuan Museum of Contemporary Art

7.96 MILES

Located in a white, fashionably fluid-lined building between the Yellow River and paddy fields is Yinchuan MOCA, the premier museum for contemporary art…

8. Western Film Studios

15.33 MILES

This wacky film studio is where famed Chinese movies like Red Sorghum and many Hong Kong classics by Stephen Chow, Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung and Tsui Hark…