Nánkǒu Village

Village in Meizhou

This quiet village about 16km west of Méizhōu is where you’ll see fine examples of wéilóngwū (围龙屋) dwellings nestled between paddy fields and the hills, like dragons in repose. If you make your way to the back of Dōnghuā Lú (東華盧) and Déxīn Táng (德馨堂), you'll see rooms arranged in a semi-circle on an undulating slope, like the coiled body of a dragon. Another of the old houses, Nánhuá Yòulú (南华又庐) charges an admission of ¥11.

Bus 9 from Méizhōu's local bus terminal and buses to Xìngníng (兴宁; ¥12, every 20 minutes) from Méizhōu's main bus station go to Nánkǒu. Once you get off, walk 1km to the village entrance. The last bus back leaves at 4.30pm. A one-way taxi ride costs around ¥35.