Macau Museum


This museum inside Monte Fort gives an interesting overview of Macau's history. The 1st floor introduces the territory's history and how it was influenced by commercial, cultural and religious interactions between China and Portugal. There is an elaborate section on Macau's religions. Highlights of the 2nd floor on folk customs include a recreated firecracker factory and a recorded reading in the local dialect by Macanese poet José dos Santos Ferreira. The top floor focuses on new architecture and urban-development plans.

There are guided tours in English and Chinese every Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. You're welcome to join without booking. See the website for details.

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1. Monte Fort

Just east of the Ruins of the Church of St Paul, from which it is separated by a pebbled path and picturesque foliage, Monte Fort was built by the Jesuits…

2. Ruins of the Church of St Paul

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The most treasured icon in Macau, the towering facade and stairway are all that remain of this early-17th-century Jesuit church. With its statues, portals…

3. Museum of Sacred Art & Crypt


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4. Na Tcha Temple

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5. G32

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Once known as the Old Ladies’ House, the poetic courtyard with two yellow colonial buildings was a shelter for Portuguese refugees from Shànghǎi in WWII…

7. Nu Wa Temple

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This tiny temple in a faded yellow building, built in 1888, was consecrated to the serpent-like Nu Wa – the Chinese equivalent of Gaia, the creator…

8. St Lazarus Church District

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