St Lazarus Church District

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A lovely neighbourhood with colonial-style houses and cobbled streets makes for some of Macau's best photo ops. Designers and other creative types like to gather here, setting up shop and organising arty events.

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1. Tai Fung Tong Art House

0.01 MILES

Featuring a mix of Chinese and European architectural styles, this beautiful and unusual mansion was built in the 1910s by a philanthropist. It’s now…

2. G32

0.02 MILES

This three-storey tenement building has been restored as a middle-class Macanese home from the 1960s and '70s, with wooden floorboards, floral wallpaper…

3. Albergue SCM

0.03 MILES

Once known as the Old Ladies’ House, the poetic courtyard with two yellow colonial buildings was a shelter for Portuguese refugees from Shànghǎi in WWII…

4. Chapel of St Michael

0.11 MILES

Set amid the baroque graves of the Cemetery of St Michael, this dainty chapel, built in 1875, has a green-and-white facade and baroque features in small…

5. Cemetery of St Michael the Archangel

0.14 MILES

This cemetery, northeast of Monte Fort, contains tombs and sepulchres from the 19th and 20th centuries that are fine examples of baroque ecclesiastical…

6. Macau Museum

0.16 MILES

This museum inside Monte Fort gives an interesting overview of Macau's history. The 1st floor introduces the territory's history and how it was influenced…

7. Monte Fort

0.16 MILES

Just east of the Ruins of the Church of St Paul, from which it is separated by a pebbled path and picturesque foliage, Monte Fort was built by the Jesuits…

8. Tap Seac Square

0.17 MILES

This beautiful square is surrounded by important historic buildings from the 1920s, such as the Cultural Affairs Bureau, Central Library, Library for…