Chapel of St Francis Xavier


This chapel built in 1928 contains paintings of the infant Christ with a Chinese Madonna, a Korean missionary in period garments, and other reminders of Christianity and colonialism in Asia. It’s a quirky place painted in yellow and embellished with red lanterns. In front of the chapel are a monument and fountain surrounded by four cannonballs that commemorate the successful – and final – routing of pirates in 1910.

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1. Coloane Library

0.04 MILES

This buttercup-yellow mini Grecian temple, built in 1917, still functions as a public library.

2. Kwun Iam Temple

0.06 MILES

This small, incense-fragrant temple is dedicated to the goddess of mercy.

3. Coloane Village

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Coloane's 'urban centre' is an old fishing village on its southwestern coast. It is marked by Tam Kung Temple to the south and Lai Chi Vun Village to the…

4. Tam Kung Temple

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This temple is dedicated to Tam Kung, a Taoist god of seafarers. Inside the main altar is a long whale bone carved into a model of a dragon boat. To the…

5. Cheoc Van Beach

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About 1.5km down Estrada de Cheoc Van, which runs east and then southeast from Coloane Village, is the beach at Cheoc Van (Bamboo Bay). It's smaller but…

6. Seac Pai Van Park


At the end of Cotai, this 20-hectare park, built in the wooded hills on the western side of the island, has somewhat unkempt gardens, the Macau Giant…

7. Macau Giant Panda Pavilion

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Coloane offers a convenient and inexpensive opportunity to see pandas. The pair of cuddly ones are kept inside a purpose-built pavilion inside Seac Pai…

8. A-Ma Cultural Village

0.91 MILES

Atop Alto de Coloane (170m), this 20m-high white jade statue of the goddess who gave Macau its name was erected in 1998. It's the best part of a touristy …