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Amid the traffic and smog, the Yangzi River opens up the densely packed streets, rolling around parks, lakes and a concession-era entertainment district in Hànkǒu, the pick of the three cities, growing in swagger by the financial year. This is not the place of penny postcards, but it's urban China and it's worth getting to know.

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Wuhan Private Departure Transfer: Hotel to Railway Station

The service is delivered by an experienced driver from a national car rental company, and an English speaking travel agent staff for backup support. Your driver will find you in your hotel lobby by eye contact, or spell out your name. There are 3 major railway stations in Wuhan: Wuhan Station, Wuchang Station and Hankou Station.  Please buy your train ticket first, then book this transfer service. Your departure train code is required upon reservation. The hotel pickup time is 2 hours prior of train departure time. This private transfer service is 24 hours available. Frequently Asked Questions: Q: Is your service better than calling a taxi on site? A: Taxi service is not always available in Wuhan. Sometimes the hotel doormen can not find a taxi for you in time, especially in rush hour, early morning or weekend. Using this transfer service, you will have a better vehicle, better service from a reliable national car rental company, plus 24/7 backup from a local travel agent. Q: Do you pickup from my hotel? A:  This pickup price is for hotels in downtown area of Wuhan only.  Downtown Wuhan  includes 5 districts of Wuchang, Hanyang, Jaingan, Jianghan, Qiaokou.  Other districts are named as Outskirts Wuhan.   Hotels in Outskirts Wuhan will cost additional charge.  Please check if your hotel is located in downtown Wuhan before you make a booking.   If your hotel is located in outskirts Wuhan, the local travel agent will advise in 24 hours for the additional cost and ask you to pay in cash to your driver (Plan A).  Your approval of this additional charge is required.  If you do not agree to pay the additional cost, the booking will be cancelled and you will receive refund (Plan B).   Q: What should I do if I can not find my driver? A: Telephone the local travel agent. The staff will ask you to pass the phone to a Chinese standing beside you, find out your exact location. Then please wait here. Your driver will come to you. Do not move! Q: Will the driver telephone me before pickup? A: No. Your driver does not speaking in English. The local travel agent will be your backup. Q: Will the driver help me to check in at the railway station? A: No. Your driver will drop you off outside the departure hall of the station. Usually it is the non-parking area. Q: What is the luggage allowance? A: Each passenger (aside from infant) can check in with a maximum of 1 piece of luggage, total dimension not exceeding 158 cm (62 inch), wheels, handles and side pockets included. Each bag should not weigh over 20kg (44 lbs). Excessive and over-sized bag as subject to the availability of the storage space of the vehicle, may incurring surcharge.


China on a Shoestring–Hong Kong to Beijing

Soak in the vibrant pulse of Hong Kong, float down the Yangtze on a Chinese-style riverboat, and walk the Great Wall with other others that share your appetite for adventure. Enjoy 18 days packed with China's major sights and out-of-the-way gems with the freedom to choose those that interest you. Cycle along Xian’s ancient city walls and through the stunning rice fields and limestone karsts of Yangzhou. Explore gorgeous scenery straight out of a painting or just relax and take it all in.