Kwun Yam Wan

Outlying Islands

East of the ferry pier and just south of Tung Wan beach is Kwun Yam Wan, a quiet spot popular with windsurfers. Go up the footpath and look for the sign to the Fa Peng Knoll. From the knoll you can walk down to signposted Don Bosco Rd; it leads due south to rocky Nam Tam Wan (aka 'Morning Beach'), where swimming is possible.

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1. Kwun Yam Temple

0.02 MILES

This small temple is dedicated to Kwun Yam, the goddess of mercy. A footpath uphill from the southeastern end of Kwun Yam Wan will lead you here.

2. Kwan Kung Pavilion

0.19 MILES

This small temple houses a 2.5m statue of the god Kwan Kung, a Han dynasty general, made from a whole camphor tree.

3. Tung Wan

0.27 MILES

Tung Wan beach, east of the ferry pier, is not Cheung Chau’s prettiest beach but it’s the longest and most popular. The far southern end of Tung Wan is a…

4. Cheung Chau Market


You'll find plenty of dried seafood, plus staples such as vegetables, rice and meat, at this traditional food market.

5. Cheung Chau Main Street & Vicinity


The island’s main settlement lies along the narrow strip of land connecting the headlands to the north and the south. The waterfront is a bustling place…

6. Pak Tai Temple

0.55 MILES

This colourfully restored temple from 1783 is the epicentre of the annual Cheung Chau Bun Festival, held in late April or early May. The most important…

7. Cemetery

0.92 MILES

Peak Rd is the main route to the island’s cemetery in the southwestern part of the island; you’ll pass several pavilions along the way built for coffin…

8. Care Village

1.04 MILES

In Sai Wan, there's a Chinese village gate with a Canadian flag and the word 'Care'. It's the entrance to one of Cheung Chau's three Care Villages. In the…