Shui Tau Tsuen


in Yuen Long

This 17th-century village founded by the powerful Tangs is a 15-minute walk north of Kam Tin Rd. It's famous for its prow-shaped roofs decorated with dragons and carp.

The Tang Kwong U Ancestral Hall and the Tang Ching Lok Ancestral Hall were built in the early 19th century. South of them is the village’s most impressive sight, the 19th-century Yi Tai Study Hall, named after the gods of literature and martial arts. The Tin Hau temple just north of the village was built in 1722.

To reach Shui Tau Tsuen, which is signposted from Kam Tin Rd, walk north, go through the subway below the Kam Tin bypass, pass Kam Tai Rd and cross over the river to Chi Ho Rd. Go over the small bridge spanning a stream, turn right and then left to enter the village from the east. The first thing you’ll pass is the Yi Tai Study Hall.