Young Master Brewery

Top choice in Aberdeen & South Hong Kong Island

Young Master Ales has moved to a new street-level location in Wong Chuk Hang. Merchandise is sold in the front, while at the back, the brewing system, with its ageing barrels, whirs, hisses and grinds away. The small-batch, nonfiltered, chemical-free beers range from crisp to robust, and have funky names inspired by Hong Kong pop culture like Fake Blood, a tribute to kung fu movies. Book online for the Saturday hour-long guided tours (English 1pm, Cantonese 4pm). You cannot imbibe on the premises, but you can buy beer to take away.

The brand name is a playfully nostalgic tribute to a bygone era in Hong Kong, then still under British rule, when industries such as textile, plastics and electronics were taking off.

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