Waterfall Bay Park

Aberdeen & South Hong Kong Island

The cascade and the bay here are serene and quite lovely. Barges and fishing junks streak the waters; Lamma is surprisingly near; figurines of gods – both Chinese and Hindu – stand on rocks. Overlooking the sea is a pillbox from WWII when British troops used Aberdeen as a bunker in the battle against the Japanese. The bay is also where the fire dragon of Pok Fu Lam village spectacularly enters the water in the finale of the Mid-Autumn Festival dance.

It was the availability of potable water at Waterfall Bay that first drew the attention of the British and Europeans en route to other ports in Asia, and when they asked the locals the name of the place, they were told 'Heung Gong', ie 'Hong Kong'.

Take Wah Fu Estate–bound buses like routes 4 and 970. Disembark at Wah Fu Commercial Complex (華富商場). Follow Waterfall Bay Rd for 10 minutes and you'll see Waterfall Bay Park. Once inside, head right in the direction of the towering Residence Bel-Air. You'll see two flights of stairs; the ones descending takes you to the bay.

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