Aberdeen & South Hong Kong Island

Perched on hilly Pok Fu Lam, a college and residential area northwest of Aberdeen, this beautiful restoration is a highlight in this part of town. The complex, which now houses a film school, was built by the French Mission in 1875 as a sanatorium for priests from all over Asia to rest and recover from tropical diseases before they returned to their missions.

The 30-minute guided tour includes a visit to the neo-Gothic Béthanie Chapel, a theatre in the two octagonal Dairy Farm cow sheds, and a tiny museum housed in a converted wine cellar, which displays the history of the mission. Tours are run hourly and two are in English. It’s wise to call ahead, as some venues may not be accessible if they’ve been hired. The nearest bus stop is at the junction of Pok Fu Lam Reservoir and Pok Fu Lam Rd.

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