Tsang Traditional Folk House

Museum in Gyantse

This private folk museum opposite Palha Manor offers an excellent introduction into Tibetan farm life. Alongside mock-ups of a traditional kitchen, mustard-seed oil press and chang (barley beer) still, are such treasures as a fish-skin saddle, a barley guillotine, and yak-skin bags used for transporting salt. Upstairs, you can learn traditional Tibetan table games such as sho (dice) and bak (mahjong), before having snacks and excellent home-brewed tea or chang, all included in the ticket.

Opened in 2008, the museum is a labour of love for retired couple Dawa Shilo and Drolma, who give visitors a personalised guided tour (some English signage is also present). Make sure you have at least 40 minutes and a capable Tibetan guide to translate their enthusiastic explanations.