Rabse Nunnery

Buddhist Monastery in Gyantse

This charming nunnery (ani gompa in Tibetan) hidden behind the hill that runs between Palcho Monastery and the Gyantse Dzong, is home to 44 nuns. It is a delightful place decorated with prayer flags, chörtens, mani lhakhang (prayer wheel chapels) and butter lamps. There are also some lovely thangka paintings hanging in the main assembly hall.

The ‘correct’ way to visit is along the clockwise pilgrim trail lined with prayer wheels that goes around the back of the monastery.

The nunnery was moved to its current location in 1985 after two original monasteries further up in the hills were destroyed during the Cultural Revolution. The reconstructed Gomang chörten is filled with inner murals (though you may not be able to glimpse inside).

A maze of streets leads back to the old town along a path that follows the contours of the hillside and offers superb views of the fort in the distance. Be particularly careful of dogs if walking here alone.