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Guìzhōu's people are as diverse as its environment. Around 37% of the province’s population consists of more than 18 ethnic minorities. Flitting around the Dong and Miao villages in the east of the province is like an anthropological dream sequence. Nearby is the ancient riverside settlement of Zhènyuǎn, as striking as Guìlín to the south, where Chinese tourists chuckle into their hot-and-spicy sour fish soup that they still have it all to themselves.

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$168 Private & Custom Tours

Huangguoshu Waterfall and Dragon Palace private guided tour from Guiyang

• In the morning around 8.00 am, your private driver and guide will come to take you at your hotel in Guiyang city, and then drive you to Anshun city about 2 hours driving. Your could enjoy the resident houses of local minority and unique rural scenery different from your homeland en route. Today's first attraction is Huangguoshu Waterfall. Such a wonderful and amazing scenic that you must see it at least once, is the largest waterfall in China and even entire Asia with 74 meters high and 81 meters wide. It is marvelous spectacle of nature, renowed for its grand. There you are able to admire different views of the waterfall, particularly go beyond the waterfall ,where you can see water starts dropping and touch the waterfall. • At noon you'd like to have a lunch at the restaurant among scenic spot. After lunch, you will head to Dragon Palace Cave, this is a magnificent underground cave its consists of lakes,waterfalls and stalactites, it will make you a good view of the the varies of Karst landscapes,solemn steep cliffs and jagged stone forest by boat.  • In the late afternoon, your driver and guide will escort you back Guiyang and end this tour with sweet memory. 

$79 Private & Custom Tours

Private Guiyang Day Tour to Qingyan Ancient Town, Huaxi Park and Jiaxiu Pavillion

In the morning around 8.00 am, your private driver and guide will come to take you at your hotel in Guiyang city. Today, you will visit several famous attractions in Guiyang city. The first stop is the  Qingyan Ancient Town, which is just 30 km south of Guiyang city. Although small in size, the town has a well-planned architectural style, hundreds of sites of relics, and an influential local culture. Here you can see spectacular city walls built right on the cliffs with vast rocks and explore the ancient heritages that dating back to the year of 1378.  After local Chinese lunch, you will visit the Huaxi Park, also called the Flower Stream Park, which means a park where flowers are in full bloom and streams flow. It has gained the name of "Back Garden of Guiyang City". Unlike man-made parks, the stream and the four hills in this park are all naturally formed. The scenery is pleasant at all seasons. Then go to the  Jiaxiu Pavillion, the symbol of Guiyang city with a history of more than 400 years. A cultural as well as a historical relic, Jiaxiu Tower houses the authentic works and paintings of many ancient calligraphers'. You could appreciate the exhibitions of the calligraphy pieces, woodcrafts and stone tablets inscribed with poems. After all these visiting, your guide and driver will escort you back to your hotel. End this trip.

$275.50 Multi-day & Extended Tours

2 Days Zhijindong Cave & Huangguoshu Waterfall Tour from Guiyang

D1: Guiyang - Zhinjin - Anshun (230Km, Driving about 3.5Hrs) (L)In the morning around 7am, your guide and driver will pick up you at hotel in Guiyang downtown. Depart to Zhinjin town. Upon your arrival, you will appreciate the amazing scenery of Zhinjin Cave. Zhijindong Cave owns the systematicness and completeness of evolution of karst cave and is the most distinctive natural scenery and an important area with aesthetic value among cave karst, which stands out from numerous caves listed in the World Geopark internet and World Natural Heritage Directory. The cave feels like a huge underground palace. Here a variety of stones and rock -- prehnite, bloodstone, and curlstone - have formed stalagmites, stone flowers, drums, pillars, and so on. After visiting, drive to Anshun for overnight.D2: Anshun - Guiyang (130Km, Driving about 1.5Hrs) (B+L)You will set out to the Huangguoshu waterfall of Anshun in the morning for a whole day's exploring and enjoy, including Huangguoshu Waterfall scenic spot, Doupotang Waterfall scenic spot and Tianxing Bridge scenic spot. Huangguoshu Waterfall is the largest waterfall in Asia with 74 meters high and 81 meters wide. Mr. Xu Xiake, a geographer in Ming Dynasty of China history, wrote that the sound of Huangguoshu waterfall shatter earth and sky, and ten kilometers outside could hear it. If encounter the sunny rain here, you will marvel at the waterfall with seven coloured rainbow. After that, you will enjoy the Doupotang waterfall and the overwater stone forest, Tianxingqiao scenic spot, which were the film locations of "Journey to the West" filmed in 1980. Here stalagmites stands and mountain, water ,forest cave are put into one landscape.In the late afternoon, head for Guiyang city. Drop off you at your hotel. End this trip with sweet memory.

$207.50 Multi-day & Extended Tours

2 Days Kaili Miao Villages Tour from Guiyang

D1 Guiyang / Kaili  (200km, Driving about 3 Hrs)  (L)  In the morning around 7am, pick you up at your hotel in Guiyang and drive to Kaili.The first villiage will be Nanhua Miao Village, lying on the opposite side of the Bala River. It is an original village which retains natural scenery and people living there are simple and honest. Then go to have lunch. Lunch will be typical Chinese Lunch at local restaurant. After lunch, go to Xijiang thousand Miao villages, a place which has the most complete “original ecology” culture of Miao nationality. It is consists of over ten natural villages built depending on mountains and is the biggest village group in China and also the world. It is a great place to learn the history and development of Miao nationality and is just the live museum. The annual new year of Miao, eating new festival and Guzang festival (every 13 years) are all famous all over the world. Besides, there is a village whose residents are good at making silver jewelry. Stay in Xijiang thousand Miao villages for the night.D2 Kaili / Guiyang (Lunch) (230km, Driving about 3.5 Hrs) (B+L)This day, you’ll visit another two Miao villages; they are Jidao Miao villages and Langde Miao villages. Jidao Miao villages is famous for its old (at least 100 years) roads, old granaries, old songs, old trees, etc. As for Langde Miao villages, you can enjoy yourself with singing and dancing, viewing diaojiao building, national etiquette, etc. There is an old Miao Minority Custom, named Lanmen Wine. It is a kind of style to greet customers who come there, you will drink one bowl of wine or just a sip. After the visit, your guide and driver will escort you back to your hotel in Guiyang. 

$488 Multi-day & Extended Tours

4-Day Southeast Guizhou Minority Culture Private Guided Tour from Guiyang

D1  Guiyang-Kaili   (200Km, Driving about 3Hrs) (L)Meet guide and driver in your hotel in the early moring. Drive to Kaili. The first attranction is Shiqiao Miao village, where villagers continue to earn their living by producing and selling hand-made papers and products. Miao people make special paper by tree bark for thousands of year and offer the paper for Miao people in this region. After lunch continue drive to Matang village, where you can see Gejia people who adore bow and arrow and appreciate the traditional Gejia batik in the village, and learn the art of batik. Overnight in Kaili.D2  Kaili-Rongjiang.    (200Km, Driving about 3.5Hrs) (B+L)In the morning explore Miao's history and culture in Langde Miao Village and Datang Miao Village. Miao Ethnic Minority is both mysterious and exciting. The Miao people are identified by their dialect, dress, location and other customes. In dress we have Long Skirt Miao, Short Skirt Miao, Black Miao, Flowery Miao and Long Horned Miao. By location there are River Miao and Mountain Miao. The villagers in Langde wear long skirts, hence they are "Long Skirt Miao". The Miao style houses "Diaojiaolou" and its featured and creative festivals will cause you spell bound. After lunch drive to Rongjiang, on the way stop at Qiaotu village, in which villagers usually dress in black and blue. Men have long gowns and black turbans, and women wear collarless blue blouses, black trousers and aprons, all of which are embroidered. Overnight in Rongjiang.D3  Rongjiang-Congjiang-Zhaoxing Dong Village   (140Km, Driving about 3.5Hrs) (B+L)After breakfast drive to explore Basha village. All the Basha men have very unique hairstyles, like the men in the Qing Dynasty they wear their long hair in braids. They attach great importance to their hair bun, which they believe is a symbol of masculinity, as well as an emblem of power. Afternoon continue drive to Zhaoxing village, the largest Dong village with over 1,000 Dong households in China. The serried stilted houses built on the hillside lay out in a pleasing configuration. They are all built of Chinese fir with blue tile roofs. The village has a theater stage, singing platforms and grain barns. Drum towers are the village’s special feature. Overnight in Zhaoxing village.D4  Zhaoxing-Guiyang  (310Km, 4.5Hrs) (B+L)In the morning visit Tang’an village, situated at a mountain slope and encircled by rice fields, green trees and hills.  It has been accepted jointly by China and Norway as an ecological museum of the Dong ethnic group. Hike about 2.5hrs from Tang’an Village to Zhaoxing village, you will passing the rice fields on the way. This afternoon you will be escorted back to your hotel in Guiyang.

$711 Multi-day & Extended Tours

5-Day Western Guizhou Discovery from Guiyang

D1. Guiyang-Zhijin-Anshun   (240Km, Driving About 3.5Hrs) (L)Your local guide and driver will meet you at your hotel in the early morning. Transfer to Zhijin Cave, owned the systematicness and completeness of evolution of karst cave and is the most distinctive natural scenery and an important area with aesthetic value among cave karst. Then drive to Anshun for Overnight.D2. Anshun-Xingyi   (220Km, Driving About 3Hrs) (B+L)Drive to Xingyi.  After lunch you have time to visit Malinghe Gorge. The Malinghe River is a tributary of the Nanpanjiang River and runs through the gorges. Malinghe gorge is said “the most beautiful scar in the world”. There are many cascades falling down through both side of the gorge, with an average hight of some 200 meters. Overnight at Xingyi Hotel.D3. Xingyi-Guanling   (180Km, Driving About 3Hrs) (B+L)Visit the western part of the Ten Thousand Peaks Forest (Wanfenglin), view the misty falls and geologic wonders. This scenic area contains the vast majority of the county's cone Karst. These cone peaks have similar well shaped size, stand close to each other, and cover hundreds of kilometers along the border of Yunnan. After the visit transfer to Guanling, on the way stop at 24-Bend-Road—which is 4km long but with 24 bends, it was very famous and important during the Anti-Japanese War. Overnight at Guanling Hotel.D4. Xingyi-Huangguoshu-Liuzhi    (130Km, Driving About 3Hrs) (B+L)Transfer to Huangguoshu, visit Tianxing Park, this scenic spot is distinguished with its sights of various types, its natural stone formations of fabulous shapes, high cacti extending far and wide forming a dense forest. Then continue drive to Huangguoshu waterfall, it is the largest in Asia, which reaches 81 meters high, 101 meters wide. This afternoon drive to visit Dragon Palace, Dragon palace is made up of a great number of karst caves. An underground river flows through the caves, leaving some dry and some wet. Then drive to Liuzhi for overnight.D5. Liuzhi-Guiyang    (235Km, Driving About 4.5Hrs) (B+L)Drive to visit Suoga Long Horn Miao village, There are around 4000 Long Horn Miao People living in Suoga, most of them keep their hairstyle like a buffalo horn upside down or some people believed those were signs of bow. Afternoon transfer back to Guiyang, on the way stop at Tianlong Old Han village. People here wear clothes in the style of Ming Dynasty and speak the language used during that period. All the houses were made of stone and complicated hidden tunnels and exits were built. In the late afternoon, drive back to your hotel in Guiyang. End the trip.