Qingyan City Walls

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Built right on the cliffs that surround the town, the city walls were a key part of ancient Qingyan's defences. Nowadays a walk on the, at times, dizzyingly steep walls is a great way to see the town from above.

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1. Catholic Church

0.11 MILES

The modern church has an impressive bell tower, but the 19th-century ruins next door are the real draw.

2. Yingxiang Temple

0.23 MILES

Qingyan's welcoming Buddhist temple makes a peaceful detour from the tourist crowds.

3. Lord Zhao's Ancestral Temple

0.24 MILES

This large temple complex was built to honour Zhao Guoshu, a decorated Qing-era military leader. Inside, there are exhibitions about Qingyan's military…

4. Cuiwei Garden

16.58 MILES

This city park features a restored Ming dynasty temple with some picturesque pavilions. It's a pleasant place to find some respite from the city noise.

5. Jiaxiu Pavilion

16.64 MILES

Constructed during the Ming dynasty in 1598, this triple-roofed pavilion perched atop a boulder is Guiyang's most iconic landmark. Built to celebrate the…

6. Wenchang Pavilion

17.13 MILES

There's not a lot left of this restored pavilion, but its central location makes it popular with locals. Kite flyers gather at the highest landing.

7. Qianling Mountain Park

17.77 MILES

Qianling Mountain Park, in the northwest of the city, is more forest than park. It's a great escape from the crowds and city noise and has some lovely…

8. Hongfu Temple

18.04 MILES

Guiyang's best attraction is a temple complex hidden inside Qianling Mountain Park to the north of the city. Near the top of 1300m Qianling Mountain (黔灵山,…