You could spend several hours poking around the beautifully restored buildings in this gorgeous museum complex, which once served as a community headquarters for immigrants from the Hú (Húnán and Húběi) and Guǎng (Guǎngdōng and Guǎngxī) provinces, who arrived in Chóngqìng several hundred years ago. There are rooms filled with artwork and furniture, a temple, a teahouse and several stages for Chinese opera performances.

Free-to-watch rehearsals of Yuèjù (an operatic style originating from Zhèjiāng province) and Jīngjù (Běijīng Opera) are held every Sunday, usually between 3pm and 6pm.

At the time of research, nearby construction meant that access to the Hall was via a dizzying series of steps to the right of the Dōngshuǐmén Bridge. Keep asking the way.