Pǔjì Temple

Buddhist Temple in Pǔtuóshān

Fronted by large ponds and overlooked by towering camphor trees and Luóhàn pines, this recently restored Chan (Zen) temple stands by the main square and dates to at least the 17th century. Beyond chubby Milefo sitting in a red, gold and green burnished cabinet in the Hall of Heavenly Kings, throngs of worshippers stand with flaming incense in front of the colossal main hall. Note the seated 1000-arm effigy of Guanyin in the Pǔmén Hall (普门殿; Pǔmén Diàn).

Pǔjì has a large vegetarian canteen serving up humble temple food to visitors. Buses leave from the west side of the temple to various points around the island.