Mountain in Anhui

When its granite peaks and twisted pines are wreathed in spectral folds of mist, Huángshān’s (黄山) idyllic views easily nudge it into the select company of China’s top 10, nay, top five, sights. The summit's huge network of connecting trails and walks meander up, down and across several different peaks. More than a few visitors spend several nights on the peak, and the North Sea (北海; Běihǎi) sunrise is a highlight for those staying overnight.

Legions of poets and painters have drawn inspiration from Huángshān’s iconic beauty. Yesterday’s artists seeking an escape from the hustle and bustle of the temporal world have been replaced by crowds of tourists, who bring the hustle and bustle with them: the mountain is inundated with tourist traffic at points. But Huángshān still rewards visitors with moments of tranquillity, and the unearthly views are simply breathtaking.