Tangyue Memorial Archways


Over generations, the Bao (鲍) family constructed these seven carved stone páifāng (牌坊, memorial arches), stretching east to west in the fields outside their village, to consecrate their ancestors for feats of service and piety. Three are from the Ming dynasty, four from the Qing. Placards (in English) describe the acts – some touching, some gruesome – that earned such high esteem. Tourist bus 2 runs from Tunxi’s Tourist Distribution Center, calling at Tangyue (¥6, one hour) before continuing to Tangmo.

The Bao family also practised an impressive gender parity: several of the arches commemorate female family members. There is also a rare ancestral hall for women (请懿堂; Qīngyì Táng) in addition to the (usual) one for men (敦本堂; Dūnběn Táng).

Beyond the main attractions, you can explore the attached village and the sprawling Bao Family Garden (Bàojiā Huāyuán; 鲍家花园), which includes a collection of bonsai.

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