Stuffed with old stone bridges and creaking, white-washed ancient buildings, the charming, very pretty and large village of Zhaji dates originally back to the Sui and Tang dynasties, though most of the structures you will see are from the Ming (80 in all) and Qing dynasty (109 in all). Frequent high-speed trains (¥51.50; 43 minutes) run from Huangshan North Train Station to Jingxian (泾县; Jīngxiàn), from where buses (¥11; one hour) run from the bus station alongside the train station to Zhaji.

The settlement differs from other villages in the region as it is much further to the north of Tunxi and is not actually a Huizhou village. Look out for the elegant and fine Rusong Pagoda (如松塔; Rúsōngtǎ) whose name means 'Like a Pine Tree Pagoda'. The view down onto Xuxi Street (许溪街; Xuxi Jie) is a lovely perspective, while the exquisite Honglou Bridge (红楼桥; Hónglóu Qiáo) is a picture. However, the best way to infuse yourself with the charms of the village is to wander through its alleys and lanes.

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