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Foggy, windy and wet, Chile's slice of Tierra del Fuego includes half of the main island of Isla Grande, the far-flung Isla Navarino and a group of smaller islands, many uninhabited. Home to only 8500 Chileans, this is Chile's least-populated region. Modest Porvenir is considered the main city. These isles exude a rough and rugged charm; those willing to venture this far can relish its end-of-the-world emptiness. Increasingly, anglers are lured to the little-known inland lakes, birders are visiting the king penguin colony and adventurers are exploring Karukinka Natural Park and the wild backcountry of Parque Nacional Yendegaia.Chile's long-standing plans to develop the region are finally underway. Tourism will eventually ramp up as the road from Estancia Vicuña to PN Yendegaia nears completion (slated for 2021) and a public airport is added. In future years, a direct crossing to Isla Navarino from nearby Chilean Tierra del Fuego is expected.

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