Galería Isabel Aninat


Since 1983, this well-known gallery has exhibited the works of major Chilean and international artists, including Joan Miró and Antoni Gaudí.

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1. Galería Animal

0.31 MILES

Edgy contemporary works in a stunning multilevel space, with the odd Picasso, Miró or Matta thrown in for good measure.

2. Museo Ralli

0.37 MILES

This little-visited museum on a quiet residential street in Vitacura boasts a stunning collection of contemporary Latin American art mixed in with…

3. La Sala Galería de Arte

0.37 MILES

This newly inaugurated space features the photography, sculpture and painting of rising Chilean artists.

4. Museo de la Moda

0.68 MILES

This slick, privately operated fashion museum comprises a vast and exquisite permanent collection of Western clothing – 20th-century designers are…

5. Parque Bicentenario

0.74 MILES

This gorgeous urban oasis was created, as the name suggests, in celebration of the Chilean bicentennial. In addition to more than 4000 trees, a peaceful…

6. Costanera Center

1.47 MILES

The four skyscrapers that make up Costanera Center include Gran Torre Santiago, the tallest building in Latin America (300m). The complex also contains…

7. Sky Costanera

1.47 MILES

Head to the top of the tallest building in Latin America for a 360-degree view of Santiago and the mountains that tower above it on both sides for as far…

8. Parque de las Esculturas


On the north side of the Río Mapocho lies a rare triumph in urban landscaping: the Parque de las Esculturas, a green stretch along the river decorated…