Leaning tree above calm turquoise sea, Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, West Indies, Caribbean, Central America

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Seven Mile Beach

Grand Cayman

Although it’s really only about 5½ miles long, this gorgeous strand has flawless white sand and crystal-blue waters – it's just as pretty as a postcard. It's lined with resorts and vacation properties, but the beach itself is public. The main public beach-access point – just south of the Kimpton – has a big parking lot, a playground, beach volleyball and lounge-chair rental, with beach bars and plenty of other diversions nearby. Crowded but fun.

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Nearby Grand Cayman attractions

1. Governor’s Beach

0.52 MILES

Tucked between resorts, the tree-shaded parking lot here opens onto a sweet section of Seven Mile Beach that is rarely crowded. There's a reason they call…

2. Cemetery Beach


Ask a local where they like to spend a sunny day and they will likely direct you to this gorgeous strip of sand at the northern end of Seven Mile Beach…

3. National Gallery of the Cayman Islands

2.25 MILES

This small-but-delightful museum offers a wonderful break from the sand and sun. The ground floor houses rotating exhibits, while the 2nd floor shows off…

4. Hell


A hamlet with a big parking lot, this is an obligatory stop on many tours that coyly promise to ‘take you to Hell and back.’ The jagged ironshore…

5. Barkers National Park

2.92 MILES

The first national park in the Caymans, Barkers combines low scrub, dense mangroves and long, sandy beaches. There are no amenities here, or even a sign…

6. Cayman Turtle Center

3.04 MILES

This is essentially a sea-turtle petting zoo. There are lots of turtles swimming in tanks, and guests are invited to handle the young ones (who are…

7. Cayman National Museum

3.71 MILES

The centerpiece of this small museum is the engaging 20-minute audiovisual presentation that provides an overview of the island's heritage. Natural and…

8. Ugland House

3.83 MILES

This nondescript five-story office building is the headquarters of international law firm Maples & Calder. It is also the registered address of more than…