Punta de Teno


When Plato mistook the Canary Islands for Atlantis, it must have been because of places like Punta de Teno. This beautiful spot, jutting into the Atlantic and the most northwestern point on Tenerife, is no secret. But it retains a wildness that visitor numbers simply can’t overturn. Waves crash against a black, volcanic beach, solitary mountains rise like giants in the background, and there are some to-die-for sunsets. You can fish off the point, splash along the rocky coast or just absorb the view.

Think twice about heading out here if there have been recent heavy rains, as mud- and rockslides are common.

Take the TF445 highway towards Buenavista del Norte from Garachico and keep following the signs to the Punta, around 7km further on. Note that the access road is not open to cars on weekends or holidays. If you want to visit on the weekends, take the bus from Buenavista del Norte. Bus 369 (€1, 25 minutes) runs to Punta de Teno every hour between 10.10am and 6.05pm on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from Buenavista del Norte's bus station.

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