Mirador de la Paz

Puerto de la Cruz

This square with lovely views is where Agatha Christie was supposedly inspired to write The Mysterious Mr Quin. This is also a good spot to stride out to discover the town's magnificent parks and gardens.

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Nearby Puerto de la Cruz attractions

1. Playa Martiánez

0.21 MILES

The long and sandy Playa Martiánez is at the eastern end of town, where a large jetty filters the anger of Atlantic swells and turns them into mere gentle…

2. Sitio Litre Garden

0.32 MILES

This delightful garden is exquisitely laid out with walkways, fountains, tropical and subtropical plants and flowers, plus the oldest drago tree in town…

3. Jardín Botánico

0.39 MILES

Established in 1788, this magnificent botanical garden has thousands of plant varieties from all over the world and is a delightful place to while away an…

4. Risco Belle Aquatic Gardens

0.45 MILES

This is not just any old garden: step through the entrance and you'll be met by a sweeping lawn punctuated with tables and chairs, tropical plants (birds…

6. Ayuntamiento

0.56 MILES

A banana-packaging factory until 1973, this grand and historic building is now Puerto de la Cruz' town hall.

7. Torreón de Ventoso


One of the better-kept historic buildings in Puerto de la Cruz, this tower with windows and balconies was once part of the town’s Augustine convent and…

8. Ermita de San Juan

0.62 MILES

Built between 1599 and 1608, Ermita de San Juan is the oldest structure in town and is attached to the Iglesia de San Francisco.