Playa de Bajamar

Santa Cruz de la Palma

This black-sand beach to the south of town actually belongs to Breña Baja, but it's commonly associated with the capital. There's a lifeguard on duty in the summer and the waters are pretty well sheltered.

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Nearby Santa Cruz de la Palma attractions

1. Ermita de Nuestra Señora de la Luz

0.71 MILES

Head southwest on Calle Virgen de la Luz for a look at the simple 17th-century facade of the modest Ermita de Nuestra Señora de la Luz, one of several…

2. Centro de Interpretación de La Bajada


This excellent museum is dedicated to the history, events and parades of the Fiesta de Nuestra Señora de las Nieves, including the Dance of the Dwarves,…

3. Palacio de Salazar

0.81 MILES

This handsome 17th-century, late-Renaissance palace is on your left soon after you enter the street from Plaza Constitución. It's home to a government-run…

4. Iglesia de Santo Domingo

0.81 MILES

If you follow the steps heading up out of Plaza de España to the upper town, you will find the shady Plaza Santo Domingo. The substantial Iglesia de Santo…

5. Ayuntamiento

0.88 MILES

Wander north along Calle O’Daly and you’ll come to the irregularly shaped, palm-shaded Plaza de España, to the south of which sits the grand and imposing…

6. Plaza de España

0.89 MILES

This delightful, irregularly shaped square hosts buildings that are considered the most perfect exemplars of Renaissance architecture in the Canary…

7. Ermita de San Sebastián

0.89 MILES

This small and tranquil chapel, centrally located in the Plaza de San Sebastián behind the Iglesia de San Salvador, is generally closed to the public.

8. Iglesia del Salvador


The interior of this magnificent church boasts a glittering baroque pulpit dating back to 1750 and a stunningly intricate and coloured 16th-century wooden…