Mirador Roque de Agando

La Gomera

Views sprawl across to Tenerife and the 1250m-high volcanic rock 'needle' Roque de Agando (the most impressive in the Canaries) from this sensational lookout, from where you can hike down to Playa Santiago (12.4km, around four hours).

Also here is a monument to 20 people who lost their lives in a 1984 forest fire.

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1. Ermita de Nuestra Señora de Lourdes

1.33 MILES

A 1.7km walk (signposted) southwest from El Cedro along the official national-park Route 2, this small, white forest chapel was founded in 1935 by…

2. Parque Nacional de Garajonay

2.88 MILES

La Gomera's prime attraction, the magical, often-misty Parque Nacional de Garajonay extends across 40 sq km of dense, primeval laurisilva forest at the…

3. Drago de Agalán

3.02 MILES

The island’s oldest drago (dragon tree) rests in a palm-sprinkled valley, 2km north of Alajeró. Take the signposted road 300m west (downhill) from the…

4. Parque Etnográfico Los Telares

3.28 MILES

A reconstructed 19th-century gofio (roasted Canarian grain) mill sits at the heart of this multifaceted private ethnographic centre, which also takes in a…

5. Convento de Santo Domingo

3.28 MILES

At the heart of Hermigua's original village, just off Plaza Victoriano Darias Montesinos, this 16th-century church and monastery contains an intricately…

6. Iglesia del Salvador

3.43 MILES

Alajeró's modest 16th-century church contains a beautifully carved late-16th- or early-17th-century wooden Christ.

7. Museo Etnográfico de La Gomera

3.75 MILES

Housed in a handsome 20th-century building with maroon trim, this two-storey ethnographic museum explores the island's natural resources and ecosystems…

8. Centro de Interpretación Las Loceras

4.38 MILES

El Cercado's small but fascinating earthenware museum explores the history of the island's pottery tradition through multilingual panels and collections…