Fort Beauséjour National Historic Site

New Brunswick

Sitting atop a hill overlooking green fields rolling down to the Bay of Fundy and across to Nova Scotia, this historical site is well worth a visit. Built in 1751 to hold back the British and later reinforced by the British invaders, it was used as a stronghold during the American Revolution and War of 1812. The fort's unique star-shaped design, with angles and corners, made it trickier to hit. Exploring underground barracks and casement rooms makes for an atmospheric adventure.

Kids can dress up in period costumes and run around with pretend rifles, undertaking five activities for a badge. Watching them will make you wish you were six again. It's also possible to rent an 18th-century-style tent set up within the stone walls of former barracks within the fort ($70 per site; maximum four people). They come complete with mattresses and a small stove along with starry nights and spectacular sunrises.

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