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Welcome, to the 'Big Land': an undulating expanse of spruce woods, muskeg, bog and tundra that stretches from St Lawrence to the Arctic Circle and back again. The vast landscape contains military bases, little towns, Inuit and Innu villages, and some of the world's oldest geologic formations, the latter a most fitting addition to this most primeval of landscapes.

The simplest means of access is the Labrador Straits region, which connects to Newfoundland via a daily ferry. From there, a solitary road – the stark, rough Trans-Labrador Hwy – connects the interior's main towns. The indigenous-influenced northern coast is accessible only by plane or supply ferry. Here, Torngat Mountains National Park offers a privileged glimpse into ultra-remote wilderness.

Labrador is cold, wet and windy, and its bugs are murderous. Facilities are few and far between throughout the behemoth region, so planning ahead is essential.

Top attractions

These are our favorite local haunts, touristy spots, and hidden gems throughout Labrador.